Paul Corfield - As the day Dawns

As the Day Dawns

This painting brings us right up to date being painted in mid July this year. There was a print from a few years back called ‘Sailing’ which sold out quite quickly and it featured a new style of tree that I experimented with briefly back then and didn’t use again, for some strange reason. The technique for these trees requires a smooth surface and back then I probably changed to something that was too rough, which is why I didn’t take the trees any further. Recently I switched to stretching my own canvases using Claessens Polyester Canvas which is very smooth and ideal for this technique. The thing I like most about this style of tree is that I can get a greater variation of colours into the leaves as they each catch the light at different angles. 

Canvas On Board
Image Size 15.5" x 37.5"

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